One thought on ““Why Everyone Should Be A Feminist”

  1. I very much agreed with the Ted talk given by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The talk, titled “We Should All Be Feminist” did a good job of highlighting feminist injustices that were experienced not only by Adichie, but by women everywhere. I think women everywhere can relate to this Ted Talk, because the fight for feminism isn’t just a female issue. It is one that everybody, regardless of gender, should back up. Personally, I very much related to her story from her childhood, about how she could not be the class monitor on account of being a female. I too have experienced the same injustices while growing up in India. I was undermined of my capabilities because I am a female, and was thought as “inconsistent” and too “weak” to do things a male could. I think we can also relate this to our current presidential election. In the beginning of the election, many people were skeptical of a woman running for president or even being close to being elected, and the reasoning was because women are too “emotional” and aren’t able to make decisions without using their heart and emotion towards it. Adichie also mentions the Lilly Ledbetter Law, in which US men and women doing the same jobs and with the same qualifications will pay men more at the job simply because it is a man. This way of thinking seems very backwards to me, especially in 2016 where our progression as a world seems to be moving forward in every direction.

    I think everyone, not just women should listen to this ted talk because it gives a different perspective on how women are treated unjustly. It shows international examples of female injustice, but Adichie also ties it in and relates it to the United States, to prove that our country is no better than Nigeria or any other place. People need to be more educated on the subject matter, and maybe then opinions and laws might change.


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