Why Everyone Should Be A Feminist Response

Feminism has been a huge topic of conversation for years, but the internet and social media has given so many women around the world to speak on this issue. In Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s essay, “We Should All Be Feminists”, she addresses the complexity behind embracing feminism as well as culture. Although feminism is often considered to be a western trend, it is hardly really embraced in western societies. Chimamanda recognizes that the only way we can overcome gender inequality is to raise both boys and girls with equal expectations. Gender inequality has been the norm since the beginning of time, so clearly this is not a change that can be made overnight. We must raise future generations with an open mind, and make sure to not put any pressure on gender roles and expectations. I love that Chamamanda said that gender and class are two different oppressions, because that is often an argument that men disregard. Of course, race and class struggles are a dramatic oppression all over the world, but that does not make the neglect of women’s rights okay,it just means that we should fight all injustice the same way; through discussing these topics and through future generations.

When we raise boys and girls with different expectations, not only are we hurting the girl’s self-esteem, but it is also damaging for boys as well. Men are taught to be the bread winners in a family, and to make the most money, while the women are classified as the homemakers. While there is nothing wrong with staying at home and taking care of the children, it is very important for young girls to realize they can work in whatever field they want, and should also have the opportunity to earn the same amount of money as a man. As mentioned earlier, feminism is a westernized concept. Women in the United States certainly still have a battle to fight, however, it is not as difficult as it used to be, or even in other countries. So, when women make more money than her husband, and appear to take the more “dominant” or “powerful” role in the household, a man’s ego tends to be crippled.

The psychology behind gender inequality is truly heart breaking. It is so crucial that we raise future generations with the same expectations and to begin to try to open up the minds of the men today.