‘We Should All Be Feminists’ Reaction

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, to me, captured a message I have always tried to spread to my close ones. Feminism always has this negative connotation attached to it. It is a dirty word. It is the big F-word. To associate yourself with feminism is to be a man-hater. It amazes me how misunderstood feminism is and how we are not all feminists. Listening to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speak was a much needed drink of water. She outlines that feminism is not solely about women and their rights. It goes beyond that. It is about gender norms and roles, it is about the acceptance of women as humans with rights. I know one way to capture attention is by talking about how things affect men, so I will begin with that. One point she Adichie brings up is the toxic masculinity that is so often pressured upon men. They are told to be the strong man and to not show feelings because they are weakness. Time and time again this negatively affects young boys who grow up to be lacking in understanding to be strong is to be vulnerable. They are taught misconceptions that only hinder them as they grow. Who really benefits from this toxic masculinity? No one. Another point I quite agree is that not everyone is consciously aware of the problems women face. Unless the person is not experiencing it, then they will remain in the dark. She mentions her friend Louis who, in his obliviousness, argues women and men have made it together. It is not until he faces it does he notice that his previous point is not the case. Awareness and acknowledging is the first step is change.

2 thoughts on “‘We Should All Be Feminists’ Reaction

  1. Adichie’s definition of feminism being male or female allows all to support and discuss the challenges women face. At an extent, “culture is constantly changing” I agree with, especially in American society because gender roles are changing. However, I disagree with the statement because in other parts of the world and in various cultures, women are still viewed as dependent on men. Everyone should listen to this TED talk because it paints a clearer picture of the Nigerian perspective of feminism and how it can relate to the rest of the world in a positive and negative way. It represents women growing up and a general experience of what we, as women go through on a daily basis whether we are consciously aware of what it is or subconsciously.


  2. Yes! I agreed with that too, how the author described Feminism as something beyond women and their rights, but it’s everything that has to do with women, just as you said, Feminism is “the acceptance of women as humans with rights”. You made really great points 🙂


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